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Plumber was courteous and completed the task within a timely manner.

– Esther Cauble


Reliant Plumbing - Plumbing Repairs in Portland, Tigard and Beaverton Oregon

Plumbing Repairs Are Quickly Solved With Reliant Plumbing

At Reliant Plumbing we’ve built a reputation as one of the top plumbing companies in the Portland Metro Area. We have been working with customers in and around Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and all surrounding cities for years. We’ve worked in nearly any situation that could arise for home or commercial plumbing from large corporations to myriad home owners with basic plumbing repairs. When it comes to cost effective, high quality work no one can beat our service.

Fixing, Repairing and Solving Just About Any Plumbing Problem

Our team of highly qualified plumbing professionals has the experience and speed to save you time and money. We can work with just about any problem including:

  • kitchen leaks and bathroom leaks including interior wall leaks and faucet leaks
  • blocked drains
  • backed up sewer lines, main lines and septic tanks
  • repiping to solve existing issues with copper, rusty, pvc, plastic or other pipes
  • valve leaks
  • water heater repairs
  • outdoor plumbing

… if you have a problem we’ll be able to solve it.

Experience Counts and At Reliant Plumbing We Have Experience

Hiring a plumbing professional to repair or service your home plumbing can be risky if you choose a plumber with little experience nor the proper equipment to service a situation fully with the right equipment the first time. Reliant’s plumbing service professionals arrive at each customer with the equipment most likely to solve a problem so you don’t have to deal with visit after visit to complete a project.

When you have a problem, call the Portland area plumbing professionals: Reliant Plumbing.

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