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I would definitely recommend their services. We have been using them on a regular basis and they have been professional, timely and reasonable.

General Manager
The Design Center, Troutdale Oregon

Video Camera Pipe Inspections / Locating


Do you have a problem drain? Recoccuring back-ups and continously having to cable the drain is getting costly? Do your basement drains back up when the dishwasher or clothes washer runs? Have you noticed any peculiar odors coming from drains? You many have clogged, collapsed or deteriorating sewer pipes that need to be repaired. With Reliant’s video camera pipe inspecting equipment, we can easily diagnose problems and suggest proper repairs.

When purchasing a home, it is always suggested that sewer pipes be inspecting using video camera equipment. Tree roots can clog sewer lines, and old pipes are sometimes fractured or corroding. Save money by identifying these plumbing issues before you purchase a new home.


Locating Service

Are you adding or removing fixtures and wondering where the waste line is located? Whether it's buried in the ground, or below concrete, Reliant has the technology to locate it for you.

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